Four document solutions:

  • Loan document packages for virtually any type of commercial real estate or C&I loan
  • All commercial property types, including: retail, office, warehouse, mixed-use, hotel/motel, church, school, self-storage, etc.
  • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
  • C&I loans secured by any combination of collateral – “all assets”, accounts receivable, real estate, etc.
  • Loan document packages specifically tailored for loans secured by multifamily properties (5 or more units)
  • All multifamily property types, including: apartments, mobile home parks and assisted living facilities
  • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest-only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
  • A custom-tailored solution to conform with each lender’s loan programs and requirements
  • Loan document packages specifically tailored for business purpose loans secured by 1-4 unit residential properties
  • Document packages are custom tailored for each transaction, lender requirements and applicable state law
  • The perfect compromise between simplistic “form” software and expensive attorney-prepared documents
  • Fifty-state compliance provides a uniform document platform for lenders who make loans in multiple states
  • Modification documents for commercial, multifamily and investor-owned 1-4 unit loans
  • Loan modifications
  • Loan extensions
  • Loan assumptions and modification-assumptions

Two support levels:

  • A fully automated document preparation platform
  • Enter or import data then download documents immediately
  • When there is a need for speed – RoboDocs delivers!
  • Unlimited phone, email and help center support
  • RoboDocs with standard support offers our lowest low price point
  • Our premium support level offers the utmost flexibility, and the security of knowing that two document specialists are assigned to each order
  • Special instructions, one-off terms and non-standard provisions are no problem with the premium support level  
  • Typical turnaround time is next business day
  • We built our reputation with the premium support level – most of our longtime customers choose premium support for all transactions

Compare To Other Solutions:

Click to compare LoanDocSolutions to:

LoanDocSolutions vs. Typical Doc Prep Software
Typical Doc Prep Software
Software Focus
'Laser-focused' on multifamily, commercial and 1-4 unit business purpose loans
Multi-purpose, including owner-occupied residential, consumer loans, auto loans, etc.
Document Quality
Sophisticated documents assembled clause-by-clause based on lender preferences, transaction terms, property type and location
Simplistic form documents
Reputation in the Industry
LDS is the 'gold standard' of loan document preparation – well known and highly regarded by regulators and potential investors
Documents poorly-regarded by many real estate finance attorneys, investors, and regulatorss
Expert Support
Unlimited expert support - dedicated document specialists for premium support orders.
Support limited to software-related issues
Able to Handle One-Off Terms and Complex Transactions
File Format Options
Word, PDF
Often proprietary format, non-editable
User Interface
Intuitive web interface
Complex interface, requires specialized training to operate
LOS Data Integration
Maybe, as custom $$ add-on
Ability to Edit Documents
Yes, documents provided in Word format are easily edited
Difficult or impossible to edit - any changes to boilerplate language may void compliance warranties
Initial Cost
$0 - no setup costs
Annual software maintenance costs
Yes - significant
Minimum Volume Requirement
Large annual cost regardless of volume
Staff Training Requirements
Little or no training required
Extensive initial training and ongoing continuing education required
State Law Compliance
50-state compliance included
Setup charge plus ongoing maintenance fees for each state
Access to flat-rate legal services
Yes - LDS customers have access to reasonable flat-rate legal services from allied law firms
Software Stability
Rock solid, refined over two decades
Sometimes glitches
LoanDocSolutions vs. In-House Doc Prep
In-House Doc Prep
Training Requirements
Staffing Requirements
Software and Template Development Costs
Considerable costs to create document templates and document assembly software
Cost of Maintenance and Upgrades
Continuing costs
Scalable - Pay-As-You-Go
Nationwide State Law Compliance
Major Undertaking
Drain on Company Resources
No - turnkey outsource solution
Yes - diverts resources away from core business functions
Web Interface
Yes - intuitive web interface refined over more than two decades
May offer rudimentary web interface
LOS Data Integration
Yes - LDS can import data from all standard file formats
Perhaps - with significant IT development and maintenance costs
LoanDocSolutions vs. Typical Law Firms
Typical Law Firms
Included Documents
All required closing documents
Primary legal documents only - lender responsible to create standard lender-required forms
Choice of File Format Options
Web Interface
Yes - intuitive web interface refined over more than two decades
May offer rudimentary web interface
LOS data integration
Yes - LDS can import data from all standard file formats
Perhaps - with significant IT development and maintenance costs
Turnaround Time
Immediate for RoboDocs standard support orders, Next business day for premium support orders
Document Consistency from State-to-State

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