CRE, Multifamily and Investor Loan Closing Document Solutions

Four document solutions:

  • Loan document packages for virtually any type of commercial real estate loan
  • All commercial property types, including: retail, office, warehouse, mixed-use, hotel/motel, church, school, self-storage, etc.
  • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
  • Custom platform accommodates almost any loan program and lender requirements
  • Loan document packages specifically tailored for loans secured by multifamily properties (5 or more units)
  • All multifamily property types, including: apartments, mobile home parks and assisted living facilities
  • Term loans, fixed, adjustable, interest-only, revolving lines of credit, bridge loans, rehab loans
  • A custom-tailored solution to conform with each lender’s loan programs and requirements
  • Loan document packages specifically tailored for business purpose loans secured by 1-4 unit residential properties
  • Document packages are custom tailored for each transaction, lender requirements and applicable state law
  • The perfect compromise between simplistic “form” software and expensive attorney-prepared documents
  • Fifty-state compliance provides a uniform document platform for lenders who make loans in multiple states
  • Modification documents for commercial, multifamily and investor-owned 1-4 unit loans
  • Loan modifications
  • Loan extensions
  • Loan assumptions and modification-assumptions

Three support levels:

  • A fully automated document preparation platform
  • Enter or import data then download documents immediately
  • When there is a need for speed – RoboDocs delivers!
  • Suitable for relatively straightforward transaction types
  • RoboDocs offers our lowest low price point for qualifying transactions
  • Each GoDocs order is assigned to a dedicated customer support specialist who reviews and validates data entry, contacts the customer with any questions, then generates and proofs the documents before delivery to the customer
  • Typical turnaround time for GoDocs orders is 11:30 am Pacific Time the next business day for orders submitted by 1:00 pm Pacific Time on a business day
  • Suitable for relatively straightforward transaction types
  • Offers faster turnaround and a lower price point than Classic orders for qualifying loans
  • The Classic support level offers premium support and the utmost flexibility
  • Special instructions, one-off terms and non-standard provisions are no problem with the Classic support level  
  • Each Classic document order is assigned to two members of the customer support team: a “preparer” and a “reviewer”
  • Typical turnaround time for relatively straightforward transactions is 1:00 pm Pacific Time the next business day for orders submitted by 1:00 pm on a business day
  • We built our reputation with the Classic support level – most of our longtime customers choose Classic for all transactions 


  • Allied law firm Highland Law Corporation is dedicated exclusively to providing legal services required by LoanDocSolutions customers in connection with their loan transactions.
  • Legal services are offered exclusively on a fixed-fee basis – no hourly charges and no surprises!
  • The legal service most requested by LoanDocSolutions customers is borrower entity document review and signature block recommendation, which can be conveniently ordered from the LoanDocSolutions website.
  • In addition to borrower entity document review, Highland Law Corporation offers LoanDocSolutions customers assistance with other required legal services, including title review and closing instructions, custom drafting, deal structuring advice and responding to borrower’s counsel comments.


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